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25 to 29 November 2019
10am to 12noon

November/December Head-start Maths Workshop

​​​Dates: 25 to 29 November 2019

​Times: 10am to 12 noon

Who for: Post-P4 going to P5 (2020)

Contents & Skills trained

Students entering P5 need a very strong grasp of fractions and its four operations in order to understand and do story sums involving Ratio and Percentage. The story sums are much more complicated and require a lot of analytical skills from the student. Students typically are rather intimidated by the amount of data in the story sum and do not know how to start on the process of solving the questions. This leads to confusion & panic and sometimes they give up, believing that it is beyond their ability.

At this workshop, we teach them how to break up the data in the story sum and make a summary. From the summary, we teach them how to see the various correlations of the data. To make a summary is a learned skill which the students will hone during the workshop. The techniques are more advanced than those taught at the P4 level. These are powerful tools for the students and once mastered they can solve the PSLE story sums confidently.

Students need a good foundation in fractions to enjoy and benefit from this workshop. Therefore, those who are weak in fractions may have to strengthen their grasp through the Foundation Program (Fractions component) which we offer and they may do them during the November/December school holidays. A 'gap' assessment will be conducted for all participants prior to the commencement of the workshop. It will be conducted when parents submit the workshop application forms in person at the centre.

How to enrol

To register, please send an email with details of student's name, school, level, home address (with postal code), and parent's mobile handphone numbers and email address to: You may 'cut and paste' and complete the following information in your email:

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