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The founder of the training centre, Khoo Puay Hoon (nee Mrs Chatterji) is a graduate of Mathematics from the local university who did her post-graduate education studies in the United States. Fascinated by the excellent track record of Japanese and Korean students in mathematics, she sought and was trained by masters of some of the very successful Maths systems from both countries. When she returned to Singapore, she was sad to find that a large number of students in Singapore having difficulties with Mathematics as early as the primary level in school. Fueled by the passion to share her love of Mathematics with her students, she started NumberLinks. She combined the best practices of the systems she had learnt and adapted them to the local school system to help her students with learning Mathematics.
Over the years, she has helped children who are exceptionally bright in Maths do even better in the subject at school. More importantly, she has helped students who are weak or terrified of the subject overcome their fears or inadequacies and start to enjoy learning Maths again. Her goal is to help earnest students having difficulties in the subject start to enjoy learning Mathematics. Students are frequently enrolled in NumberLinks through referrals by existing students. Very often, stories are heard of how new students have come to know about the programs at NumberLinks and it is such stories that fuel her enthusiasm to continue her pursuit to help earnest students to like the subject.
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To her, Mathematics is a very logical subject and what every student needs is someone who can explain that logic to him or her in a way that he or she can understand. Mathematics is like a game. It has rules, remember the rules well, practice regularly and then you will surely win!

She has nurtured in her students a love of Mathematics. In loving the subject, the students go on to do well and excel in Mathematics throughout their school life.

She takes great satisfaction and encouragement in nurturing most of her students to love Mathematics as she does.

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