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Maths skills training

Established Since 1994 with a 20-year track record of nurturing love of Maths in students.

Maths problem solving

By word of mouth, through students & parents who share our training philosophy.

Maths skills tuition

Strong teaching methods which enable all our students to love and enjoy their learning journey in one study of mathematics as a subject.

(Over the last 10 years)

1) Average of 88% of students scored A & A* for their PSLE exams

2) An average of 85% score double "A's" for their Additional & Elementary Maths at O levels.
(All students at Centre study 2 Maths subjects at the O's)

Headstart in Maths

1) It's a Skill building programme and needs time for the training to work on students.
   The skills learnt stays with the students for their entire Maths learning journey.

2) Best Time to enroll for important exam preparations
   (a) Enrolled by End of Primary 3 for PSLE exams.
   (b) Enrolled for O levels by end of Sec 1.

3) No students are accepted at the following entry points as there is insufficient time to prep them to excel for the major exams.
   (a) After Term 1 of P5
   (b) For P6
   (c) After Term 1 of Sec 3
   (d) Sec 4
   (e) After Terms 1 of JC 1    (f) JC 2

4) Best time to start on our programmes
   (a) Preschoolers: Middle of K1
   (b) Primary 1: After Term 1 of Pri 1
   (c) Primary 2 to Primary 5: November of the year preceding these levels
       (Maths Program for each level starts in mid-November of preceding year)
   (d) All other levels except those specified above: Middle of November

5) OUR SECRET; (Nurture a Love of Maths in our students)
It is important to nurture 'number sense' and a liking for numbers in pre-schoolers and lower Primary school children as it sets the stage for the learning of Mathematics as a subject. Learning Mathematical concepts in a non-examination context makes for more joyful learning.
Once that love in Maths is instilled, they will continue to enjoy their Maths learning journey throughout their school years, which continues till JC.

Maths is a logical subject which requires methodical teaching.
Strong explanations from our team of teachers who are passionate about & skilled in Maths certainly help students enjoy the learning journey, and eventually
they start to enjoy the subject as much as their teachers.

Students of similar learning style are group together so that teachers can adapt the pace of teaching to the group for effective learning.
Maths workshop (school holidays)