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Maths problem solving NumberLinks started operations in the mid 1990s with the philosophy that a child’s interest in Maths lies at the core of his or her ability to cope with the challenges they will face with the subject at school. Hence nurturing of this interest becomes vital for helping a child develop abilities in Maths. Also, adopting the concept of “Every child is an achiever”, we believe that the key to developing these abilities is to provide well-rounded guidance that is systematic and tailored to each child’s appetite for the subject.

To touch the heart of a child is the holy grail of every true teacher. This is what the teaching staff at NumberLinks practice and abide by. By tailoring teaching methods to each child’s needs, personality type and learning style, we are frequently able to effect a positive change in a child’s attitude towards learning Maths. This does not happened by chance. Our approaches have been honed in practice for over a decade in trying to make a difference in helping children overcome their fear of learning Maths.
Maths skills tuition We use proven methods and systems for our delivery of Maths instruction. As such, we have developed best-of-breed approaches incorporating proven concepts in both our Foundation and Analytical Maths programs. Our students and their parents are our best ambassadors as they bear testimony to the effectiveness of our programs and approaches. At NumberLinks we subscribe to the notion that the learning of Maths is a journey, and that journey can be made more enjoyable if the student is receptive and the teaching methods are adaptive.

Every child is unique in his or her mental make up, and as educators, it is our responsibility to recognise and be sensitive to this. Children studying at NumberLinks are treated with respect and as responsible individuals with whom we can bond and develop a trusted relationship to work together to develop comprehensive skills and abilities in Maths.
Headstart in Maths Our programs address the Maths needs of children from pre- to secondary school. Many of our students have been with us for a significant number of years especially those who have joined us when they were in pre-school and have come to enjoy their time with us. We are proud that the number of students making it to our year-end 90 percent club event has grown over the last few years. Parents have come to trust us and value our approach as we provide active advice and feedback on their children.
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