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Case 1

A mother of a Primary 5 boy, who enrolled her child recently remarked that her child came home and asked to be enrolled at NumberLinks because his classmate has overtook him in the Maths exam for the first time in 3 years after attending Maths classes at NumberLinks. (Our gap analysis allows us to identify the student's weak spots which we then strengthen and he was back on track with his Maths at school. The child has renewed his confidence in himself and his ability to excel in the subject.)
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Case 2

A pre-school child asked his classmate why he has such an easy time dealing with numbers in his worksheet and was told that he learnt it at NumberLinks. He went home and got his mother to enrol him.
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Case 3

A Secondary 2 student who has not been good at Maths since primary school, remarked to his mother that for the first time in many years he is starting to understand what he is doing in Maths and is starting to like the subject! (Our gap analysis showed that he did not understand fractions since Primary 4 and it affected his understanding of percentage, ratio and eventually algebra. We taught him from fractions to algebra and eventually he could understand his Maths work from school. He is not excelling as yet but progressing well because he is interested in what he is learning.)

There are many incidents but they all tell a similar story. Every student needs to understand the basic Maths concepts well and then armed with good process thinking skills, the learning of Maths is a breeze. Our advice is: do not allow fear to set in as it takes a long time for that fear to be overcomed.

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