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Primary 1 to Secondary 4

What skills are needed?
In school, students need to solve word-problem (story) sums which constitute the bulk of the Maths work that they do.

This is a multi-skilled task as it first requires the student to have good skills in reading comprehension so that he / she can understand the question. This is followed by the need to have good analytical ability, so that the student can sieve out the vital information from the question to formulate the equation (number sentence). Then the student needs to apply his knowledge of the rules of Maths to solve the equation. In order to succeed in solving the question, the student needs to succeed in each of the 3 steps mentioned and each task requires a different set of skills.
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When to start?
Most students need to be trained to know how to analyse the question. This skill must be taught early so that students do not resort to 'guessing'. Once they are taught how to analyse the questions, as they are first introduced to problem sums, they will apply their new analytical skills.

All our students in the Foundation Maths program will take the Analysis Maths as well when they enter Primary 2. In our Analysis Maths program, we teach students to analyse questions systematically so that they are able to solve the problem sums successfully. In this program, students of similar abilities and learning style are grouped together so that teachers can adjust the pace of teaching according to the learning style of the group of students for effective learning. In this program, we follow the school syllabus. Students typically continue their Maths training till the end of their Secondary school.
Why both programs?
The combination of the Foundation Maths and Analysis Maths programs has been very effective for our students to excel at Maths in school. In the Foundation Maths program they master their understanding of the pure mathematics rules. In the Analysis Maths program, they hone their process thinking skills. The skills which they learn in both programs empower them to solve a whole myriad of Maths problems and this gives the child confidence. They start to succeed with Maths in school and begin to enjoy learning Mathematics. Their Maths learning journey becomes an enjoyable one. Mathematics becomes a likeable subject and eventually one which they excel in. This is the greatest empowerment we can give to all the students that come into our programs.
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